Sunday, March 24, 2013

Since September, Pamela and I have been preparing to go to Ireland.  She will attend the Ballymaloe School of Cookery.  I intend to explore, hike on my bad knees, fish, paint,  pub crawl and generally soak up Ireland.

We will be living in a place called the Rocket House overlooking the bay at Ballycotton on the southern Irish coast.  It has a rich history and is known as a popular deep sea fishing port. (see pic at top of the blog)

For the foodies among you, see Pamela's blog... I'm sure you will get a 90 day blow by blow description of all things culinary. I'll let you know when she has it up and running.

From me expect the personal reflections of this old man (yes, I'm only 63, but my knees and heart tell a different story.)  Having been a ditch digger, a retreat manager, a pastor, a lawyer and a university instructor (criminal law), I hope to use all of these lenses to soak up what I can of the people, the culture, the land and beer... oh yeah, the Jameson's Irish Whiskey factory is only 7 miles from my new home...the food, and the history.

Anyone know a good primer for learning Gaelic?  Evidently, the teaching and use of Gaelic in Ireland is on the rise given the historical attempts of the British to wipe out the language.

I hope to illustrate this blog with snapshots from my IPhone to relieve the boredom.

Please feel free to email me and/or comment on the blog with your own observations, experiences, hopes and dreams.

Right now we are in the final three weeks of preparation.  Pamela is sweating the details of leaving her church for 3 months.  I am trying to care for the myriad details of preparing our finances, our home for others to live in, and hassles with drug companies, (I have way to many prescriptions needing filling for over 3 months).  Oh so many details... and I am not by nature a detail person.

Stay tuned for the exciting adventures of OMOTIC.


  1. Will you put a note on facebook when you update this blog or will you be posting every day and it should become part of my daily meditation/celebration?

    I'm so glad for you both. This sounds wonderful!


  2. Brian, so glad you are blogging here. I can use this website. This is very fun to hear your perspective on everything that is happening. It's already been quite an adventure!