Thursday, April 25, 2013

Other perspectives...

PamALot on the way to school!

She shows you all her wonderful food... but narry a picture of her beautiful self.  This is my happy wife on her way to her second day of school.  Too early for her to take over the place... but she's soaking it all in... in love with the people and their spirit and the amazing organization.  So far, every night she comes home to a home cooked meal... Yeah, I cook it.  She says she'll take over soon.  I'm planning my menus.

I just stoke the fire place, hand her a glass of wine and some cheese, and ask her what vegetable she wants with the main course this evening.  Right now, the dishes are done, the laundry is finishing, and the bed is made with clean sheets.  Wheeeeeeeee...

  The view from across the little bay looking at Ballycotton, our home.

From Garryvoe beach, home of the Garryvoe Hotel, we see the peninsula ending with the town of Ballycotton.  Known for its commercial and sport fishing, there is even a well known 'Ballycotton Fish Market.'  It's currently ten o'clock at night and the last of the sport fisherman have left the pier.  The commercial folk will be along early tomorrow morning, weather permitting, to try their luck.

Weather is still cool and cloudy most of the time.  Residents say it has been a cold, cloudy spring and the farmers are worried.  Crops should be further along by now. Fishing, of course, also depends on the weather.  It's been foggy early but the boats are still getting out and it tends to clear up by midday.  Temperatures remain cool for now.

View from the dock at Ballycotton looking up to the Rocket House

The above view is from the end of the pier here in Ballycotton.  Our home, 'the Rocket House' is just above the mast of the middle boat in the picture. (house is yellow with white window)  Pamela and her friend, Pauline, figured out the name rocket house must come not from its aerospace origins, but from a type of arugula named, naturally, Rocket.

The orange boat in the middle of the picture is the rescue boat.  Ballycotton's volunteer rescue crew have a long and fairly famous history of rescues to their credit.  Every day or so, the crew comes down, cleans up the boat and roars out of our little bay for a practice run.  Fun to watch, critical to a way of life here.

All three daughters arrive within 4 days along with son-in-law and grandson.  Where 'O where will we put them all.  We'll all be together for a week of fun, frolic and sibling mayhem.  I'm frantically seeking diversionary scenarios.  No lack of castles, blarney stones, wildlife museums, distilleries (hey, my grandson has to learn the finer things in life, sometime)  and anything I can find thats Irish.  Duh!!!!!

Between now and then I remain, OMOTIC.

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