Monday, April 22, 2013

"First day of school...."

                                              "View from the Rocket House - early evening"
Dropped off the Swedish Tiger at her school this morning.  Didn't have to fix her breakfast or pack her a lunch... It's a cooking school after all ('cookery school' in Ireland).  She will eat very well for the next three months.  I had a fried egg and tea with milk back at the Rocket House.  I know... poor OMOTIC.

Didn't get to the book of Kells or the Guiness complex in Dublin this time.  Instead spent a wonderful two days with Pauline and David.... gracious, caring informative hosts.  Did get to see the some of the sights South of Dublin including Glendalough, Sugar loaf mountain, Dalkeny and the Enya's castle home.

                                         "The Coastline south of Dublin along the Irish Sea"

It's official folks.  We were walking a steep trail up to a vista point overlooking Dublin and the Irish Sea.  I had my walking sticks and was huffing and puffing up the hill at my own pace.  A young family passed me up and the little boy looked at me, looked at his dad, and said "Look at that Old Man, daddy."  His dad tried to hush him up... but the truth was out.... I really did look the part.

Made it to the top, though.  Saw a panoramic view of the city, the bay and the south coast.  The Irish seem to do a fascinating dance of living in the past and the present simultaneously.  References to historical events six, eight or twelve hundred years ago seem as fresh as the current economic doldrums of the Celtic Tiger, which is what they call their economic boom in the early 2000's.

Drove south along the coast past Wexford and Waterford on Sunday.  Made it to Ballymaloe about 2 p.m.  Checked Pam in, had tea and scones and arrived at the Rocket House in Ballycotton about 4 km. from the school.

Would love to say I'm going out to explore the countryside... may yet do that... but Pamela charged me with learning how to operate the all-in-one clothes washer and dryer.  Have tentatively located resources for fishing gear and painting supplies... so, all is not lost.  In all things great and small, I am OMOTIC.

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  1. What a special time you and Pamela (er...the Swedish Tiger") are going to have! Your home away from home looks lovely and cozy and yes....the view from your dining table is really truly to die for... gorgeous! You will no doubt have great fun getting aquainted with all the locals as you wander the streets while Pamela is in school... and it looks like there could be "just a few" fishermen in town from the looks of the harbor... bet they'll know just where the fish are!... I think you could just sit in your dining room and paint what you see outside your window! Well wishes and hugs from all our family... we are all enjoying both blogs!